Know Ruby? Enter Crystal!

Crystal programming language is super interesting. I've spent the time checking out Crystal and digging through what is available, and wrote it all down as I learned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

I'm Serdar Dogruyol, and I've been a Crystalist for years now. I'm the author of Kemal, curator of Crystal Weekly and a Crystal Core Member.

I love new programming languages, and while I've been using Ruby for the past years, I've coded in Java, PHP, Crystal, Elixir and a host of others. I also love writing, and good documentation, which is hard to find. Crystal doesn't have a lot of that yet, so I'm pitching in!

Why Crystal?

I've written a blog post dedicated to this, but basically, Crystal is good at everything Ruby is not good as a Rubyist you already know some Crystal.

What am I getting?

Basically, you can read the whole thing online for free!

Do I have to know Ruby?

Really, I love alliteration: the only thing the 'for Rubyists' really means is that I assume you don't know about types, pointers, concurrency, or similar things. That's okay, you've never had to think about them before! I explain this stuff in extra depth. If you program in another dynamically typed language, you'll be just fine. If you program in another typed language, you'll be more than fine.

Where can I find some Crystal Libraries (Shards)?

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